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Coat like gown this season became an absolute fashion hit

We saw her in daytime, elegant and evening fashion combinations on the streets of the world metropolis. These winter clothes in sandblasting are essential in our wardrobes.

Classic, delicate and sophisticated, beige is easy to combine with prints, patterns and materials of different textures. That’s why we love it so much.

After the summer beige pieces, this winter we choose sweaters, coats, coats, warm rolls and fine cloth pants in warm neutral shades. From dirty white to caramel tones, this color has already won trendsetters, as popular fashion designers have already introduced it as one of the most desirable trends.

Elegant coats and knitwear in beige shades are a wonderful combination for the winter period. Beige color together with accessories adds a sleek, yet pleasant look, so it’s not surprising that this color is very popular among fashion accessories. Do not miss the huge scarf, classic purse or elegant boots.

Although at first glance it is very simple and plain, beige this winter has shown its finest face in combination with various warm materials, such as knitwear, wool, cashmere and somot.

webmasterCoat like gown this season became an absolute fashion hit
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Cardigans for the spring season-2018

The cardigan is on the scene. The secret of popularity is in diversity and in the maintenance of heat (which is especially important in case of changing weather conditions). There are many types of cardigans, and in addition to thin ones that only serve styling, there is also a “subtype” that is truly able to fully perform the “function” of the coat.

You can wear a cardigan in many ways. Combined with pants, a white shirt or shirt, boots or shoes in the men’s style – is ideal for work.

You can wear a long cardigan with casual dresses, jeans, t-shirts and pajamas.

It looks equally beautiful in combination with evening wear. A long cardigan looks irresistible if you wear it with a silk dress, concise sandals and a doll.

webmasterCardigans for the spring season-2018
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Style of day: dark blue coat of eco fur + dress

Sure, coat is our first choice. So, for today’s style, we chose a combination in which the emphasis is precisely on an irresistible silky coat made of eco fur. The coat in dark, dark-colored color is medium length, modern, comfortable and part of the current offer of high street brand Mango.

The coat of eco fur is combined with a tight black dress with a skirt. This black dress is very versatile and you can wear it with different blazers or coats during the autumn and winter.

The garment Mango combination we have completed with ultra-trendy black boots in the shape of socks.

webmasterStyle of day: dark blue coat of eco fur + dress
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Maxi coats – one of the main trends for this winter

If you want to look like a “it” girl then it is advisable to invest these winters in your maxima long coat. While it’s extremely easy to wear this piece of clothing, in this coat you will look like a fashion icon, especially if you choose a trendy model.

Many famous fashion houses have included long coats in their collections, and famous high street brands follow this trend so it’s not hard to find a piece that will fit your style. Whether you often wear short skirts, dresses, pants, narrow jeans, boots, sneakers or high heels, the coat maxi length will make your look more modern and more sophisticated.

webmasterMaxi coats – one of the main trends for this winter
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Top-eye-catching coats – pieces that will refresh your styling

Coats and jacket stock – dresses that are “must have” this season and which should have every woman. No matter where you are heading and how cold it is, know that these two types of jackets are most desirable, but also the most beautiful. However, you can tell yourself that they all look the same, because every lady buys them in olive green, beige or black. It’s time to change that!

What Nora Efron would say: “Everything agrees with black, especially black.” And it’s perfectly true, but you have to admit that it’s tiring to wear one and the same color of a jacket or coat. There are so many colors, patterns and materials that can not be counted, and the choice in our stores is huge, so you can find anything for your taste.

We recommend this season for you to experiment with your styling and to introduce some kind of novelty, at least as far as the jacket is concerned. Choose a jacket in an “unusual” color, such as red, mustard, pink, carinated, with stripes, fur … All that can fall into your mind, and that has to do with colors and patterns, can be found on this year’s models of jackets and coat.

This time we will present you the unusual designs of the coat that you will surely like and that you will want to wear these winters. Look at them in the gallery and tell us what you think.

webmasterTop-eye-catching coats – pieces that will refresh your styling
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The most beautiful coats are stylish models for every day

Apart from the beautiful boots and bags, the autumn season brings us one of the most beautiful clothes – coats.

Designers are becoming more and more creative each year, and as we can notice and become more and more simpler in their creations, now our showcases are full of exquisite coats, which give each lady a chance of elegance in every occasion.

The favorite colors of the coat this season will be dirty pink, white and beige, inevitable olive, but also gray and black, which have been in the last decade inviolent and always trendy.

Also, the curved right is currently one of the most popular, which we will very often see on ladies of style in the fall months.

webmasterThe most beautiful coats are stylish models for every day
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